You Can Lengthen You Health Span Part 6

Well lengthening your health span is possible.. I have given you 6 points so far… Now for number 7.

Biomarker #7 :

Your Cholesterol/HDL ratio

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is a necessary component of the body. Basically it plays a very important role in the construction of the cell membranes  and the production of certain sex hormones.

Our bodies produce cholesterol so it isn’t a required substance in out diet. FoodHowever the foods we eat will increase the cholesterol— which can be a health issue.

There is a lot of info out there about cholesterol, but to keep it simple I will mention that it isn’t the total cholesterol you need to worry about, but the amount of each type of cholesterol that is important..

In terms of the “Biomarkers Program’, which is what I am basing this whole series of lengthening your health span on, says:

Exercise alone won’t remedy your cholesterol problem. Things such as diet, genetic make up and obesity all contribute to the imbalance of the fats and proteins in your blood. As do smoking and taking the birth control pill.

Fat CellsSo you can eliminate cholesterol and saturated fat from your diet.  You can increase your activity level and that would help even more.

The clincher here is that diet will lower the harmful LDL cholesterol, but it won’t raise your HDL.  Remember I said that it is the amount of each type of cholesterol that is important.  You raise your HDL with exercise and lowering your body fat (quit smoking and using birth control pills)

So you can’t do one without working on the other… So get rid of cholesterol and saturated fats and increase your physical activity and you are sure to make some good things happen in your blood!

Be aware that certain medications can push up your LDL levels too!!

So once again a clear indicator that exercise can help your body, in this case with your good blood fats (HDL).

So if you have cholesterol issues, did you know this?  Can you do this?  It isn’t rocket science.. However it isn’t always as easy to do as it sounds!

What’s your favorite Biomarker so far?

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2 Responses to You Can Lengthen You Health Span Part 6

  1. Yorinda

    Hi Holly,
    thank you so much for your informative post.
    It is great to see you raising the awareness about how important exercise and diet is in regards to the ‘cholesterol issue’.
    Over the last few month I have researched the benefits of Coconut oil and was amazed by the results people had in regards to health problems(even severe ones)
    Even though Coconut oil is saturated fat it can lower the bad cholesterol due to the medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs)

    To a long life of Well Being.
    Yorinda recently posted..How coconut oil may benefit your healthMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Coconut oil is definitely a great one in terms of health now a days. ( perhaps I should have mentioned that there was one saturated fat that we could benefit from!!) Thanks for the reminder.

      Remember though that the diet will help decrease the LDL cholesterol, which we want. It is the exercise that will increase the HDL.

      So both are important to get the results that we need!
      Holly Fulford-Jeffrey recently posted..You Can Lengthen Your Health Span Part 7My Profile

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