What sort of Goals are you setting for your Fitness?

Or are you?  Do you just exercise and put in the time?  Do you plan on just getting by so that you are “fit” because ‘they’ say it is important to do so. (well it is and if you check out this previous post you will see some of those benefits!).  Do you exercise to burn calories to stay fit or what is your reason?

Some people set goals when it comes to improving their fitness some people’s goals are simply to get in 3 work outs a week. Some people want weight work outs and then a couple of cardio work outs and then some stretching too.  They may also add balance and some posture activities into the work out program as well.

Do you have a plan set up so that you can reach the goals that you are working on?  Or do you just hope to get in 3 work outs a week?  Do you work harder at certain exercises?  Do you do your favourite exercises more often?  Do you work on form or do you go through the motions?  Setting goals can be for one thing in fitness and one area alone.  For example you can goal to be able to do 2 minutes of plank and work up to it.  You can goal to be able to do 40 push ups form you toes.  You can choose to not stop through the aerobic part of your fitness class.  you can goal to do 10 reps with 20 pounds for your biceps.  The options are huge!

There are many reasons to set goals in a work out plan.  If you do the same things over and over and over and over again what do you think your body will do… Well those muscles that do those activities will be stronger– however they will adapt after a while and won’t necessarily get any stronger, if you don’t change the resistance.  The same as when we grow personally we don’t change unless we encounter reasons to change.  Your muscles won’t change unless they have reason to change.  Although they will atrophy if you neglect them.

I set a goal last fall.  I wanted to be much stronger with my upper body.  So I started doing a lot more exercises geared toward increasing the strength of the muscles in my upper body. ( arms, shoulders more specifically).  I added push ups, pull ups and inverted rows mostly.

Well I didn’t end up finishing that goal, because I got hooked on upper body strength and push ups… can I do more pull ups, yes, can I do more push ups, yeah way more.. am I stronger?  You bet I am.  And my arms have more shape to them too!!  Am I finished?  Nope I still want more strength. I think though that my goal is way more for the shape of the arm than the actually strength!!

That adds to my reason for goals, it isn’t for the burning of the calories or the being fit, I want to have tank top arms!!  What about you, what is your goal when you set one for fitness?

PS.  This is my G is for Goals for my A-Z blog challenge.

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