The Journey of Eating for Health Takes Time

The journey of eating for health takes time.

Many things have changed over the last couple of decades, I am sure that if you have had a journey with diet, exercise and food you will be able to relate..

It can take a lifetime  to change habits.  The mind habits are far more difficult to break than the body’s adaptation to a healthier diet.  Even if you feel so much better with the healthier eating program, you have to stay on top of it or the old habits will come back.  How many people do you know who have tried, done the whole change, enjoyed the benefits and still went  back to the old habits?  Are you one of those people?  I know that I still am challenged by the eating thing.  I know how good I feel when I eat well, but then when I eat poorly, it doesn’t seem to catch up to me for a couple of days and then when I am so tired from the unhealthy food choices I forget why and use all kinds of reasons why I might be tired.

Eating for health is a big one

At one time the main reason that I exercised was because I loved to eat and if I was to keep the weight off,  I needed to burn off calories.  Calories in calories out. Then it started to catch up with me.  I was no longer able to eat the unhealthy stuff and keep the fit leanness that I wanted.  So I had to change what I was doing!   I am still working on it. Beth Allen talks about not being able to out exercise your nutrition… I thought I had it in the bag… Not!  Your workouts are 20-30% of the fat loss equation and nutrition is 70-80%!  ( although there are many people out there who would argue this fact!)

Try eliminating sugars from your diet and then see what happens when you start reintroducing them!!  Try decreasing your intake for a couple of days and see what your mind does

Not so healthy choices

Through the learning I have done on my journey;  I’ve come a long way from eating a bag of Cheezies (I would quit eating the Cheezies cause my mouth was so sore from all the salt) or eating 2 whoppers with cheese, in  one evening!  I used to be able to consume a whole 12 inch sub and want more food.  What about a meal of noodles and meat sauce with no veggies but with bread  and dessert? And not think twice about it?

Mindful eating

Now I can eat a meal with steamed veggies, a salad and a chicken breast and appreciate the food and how great I feel afterwards!!  I am consciously aware of preparing the food and enjoying the new choices.  You might call it mindful eating.  Am I perfect?  Not by a long shot.  If Costco still made their audacious chocolate cake they used to have, you can bet I would be buying one.  Would I eat lots, nope but I can consume a little, appreciate the Sniggle as my diabetic friend says and then eat all the other healthy food choices I know make me feel so much better.

Can you feel the yuck?

The transformation has been a journey of failures and successes, but certainly worth the value that I have gotten out of it.  Are you able to feel how yuck your body feels after you eat those heavy foods, the sugar laden foods, the heavy cream foods?  Have you ever experienced that?

We so often just eat on the run and don’t take anytime to think about it we just shovel it in…. Then go  “Oh my goodness I shouldn’t have eaten all that!!”  Well  here you will find some excellent tips that with a bit of practice will certainly bring about big  rewards.

B e very aware

The journey of eating for health takes time, it takes effort and a whole lot of being aware of what is going on.  So if you really want to make some healthier changes to your eating.  Start being very aware of what you put in your mouth.  Expect setbacks, but don’t dwell on them.  Give yourself rewards ( and not unhealthy foods either!! )  1% a day change is great!  All too often if we make an about face change it doesn’t last.  We have caused such a disruption in our whole chemistry that it revolts you might say… So take your time.  Progress is essential and little by little you will begin to see the necessary changes that you want to see just happening..

What’s your relationship with food?  Are you learning how to make healthier choices?  I don’t know about you,  but I sure find it takes a lot of conscious awareness to do what is healthiest for me.  What about you?  How do you do it?

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14 Responses to The Journey of Eating for Health Takes Time

  1. beth is right (and you are, too!)
    i tell my clients that exercise is just 10% of their weight loss, genetics is also 10%, and nutrition is the other 80%… the pareto principle follows us everywhere!

    great post holly :)
    Melissa McCloud recently posted..Back To SchoolMy Profile

  2. Having been a ‘mostly’ vegetarian for the past month, I can wholeheartedly agree with you in that Mindful Eating has rewards that far outweigh the temporary satisfaction of the usual western diet.

    While I still consider Chocolate a food group, my eating habits have definitely changed and I value Quality over Quantity every time.

    And yes, it does take time to re-train yourself – but it is so worthwhile as what you eat affects every single part of your life.

    Bliss, blessings and thanks,
    the goddess known as Jacqui
    Jacqueline Gates recently posted..The Epic Lesson behind my Purple WallMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Wow, you are really taking it to the next level. Way to go, Jacqui! Not sure I want venture to the vegetarian realm! And I am with you on the chocolate as a food group… love that idea totally!! I am working on the retraining… Some days it can be quite the challenge and others… well it can be really too easy! SO good to feel the good effects of the healthy nutrition choices!

  3. Lisa says:

    This is a hard one for me, because I feel no difference in my energy level when I eat ‘crap’ versus when I eat ‘healthy’ … but maybe I’ve never done ‘healthy’ for long enough, I don’t know. I feel pretty darn good most of the time, and I eat a lot of crap. I would like to lose some weight though, and do think that eating differently is the way to do it. … nice discussion.
    Lisa recently posted..Adrenal Fatigue Supplements for FibromyalgiaMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Hi Lisa,
      I must say that you are probably with a great majority of the people. I believe that many don’t know that they feel any different. Especially when as you say you feel pretty good. We wouldn’t want to feel yucky by changing anything, which is why we so often go back to our old eating habits when we get a “reaction” with any change we choose to make. Perhaps you haven’t tried the “healthy” thing long enough.. very possible. You may be one of the few people in the world who never really is affected by the unhealthy foods that we eat. The other thing that I will suggest is that we often aren’t really as aware of how we really feel as we think we are ( from personal experience and client experience). We are so busy doing what we do and getting so much done that we actually don’t realize that we may feel tired one day or lethargic another. We often don’t’ use our food intake as an indicator, we use other excuses. Excuses such as didn’t sleep well, or didn’t sleep enough, too much stress or whatever the case may be for the individual. Thank you so much for stepping up with your comments. I believe that you are very right in that you “don’t feel any energy difference”. I would love to keep in touch and if you are willing try what I mention below. Age may make a difference ( body has had more time to decline and become more sensitive), awareness ( many of us just don’t realize how we feel until it is brought to our attention, and we actually do start paying attention)..

      Try to eliminate one of 4 of the following items ( be it that you really want to lose some weight) and see if it doesn’t make a difference to how good you feel. Many of us are sensitive if not somewhat “allergic” to corn, dairy, gluten and sugar. When we eliminate one of these even for a few days we may notice a little difference or a big difference in how our body reacts. Any questions get back to me. Cheers.

  4. This is such a timely post. I have been changing my health habits now for about 4 years. I quit smoking 3 years ago. I was at 234lb at my highest and now I am down to 199.4 lbs (yes, the .4 matters :) ) and I am hoping to get to 147 ( they said to get to 130, but no way Jose!)

    I get on and off the bandwagon of health though. I have mostly cut out fast food. We eat almost entirely at home now. We rarely eat processed food now, but nevertheless, that last 50 lbs is really sticking around. I have upped my exercise some but that is spotty as well. I know the issue is food. Portions are hard and quite frankly I am cooking for me, my dear husband, and two kids and they don’t like the healthy stuff – I know one more excuse. I am great with water, more than the 64 oz needed. I am good about eating 5 to 6 small meals a day – EXCEPT – the dinner one always seems to push over the edge and I eat too much in quantity and not necessarily in quality.

    I am getting there. But, as with life, it is a journey not a destination. There is no one way to skin a cat, or an onion for that matter. I will keep working on it, keep trying to do new things with food, and try to see how it affects my energy. Who knows, next time I reply I might say – I am 147lb and loving it!
    Jackie Schwabe recently posted..Who Cares if I am Pollyanna!My Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      I hear you!! Wonderful on you for the accomplishments!! And yes that .4 certainly is important!! You are there! Right smack in the middle of it and you are doing it! Love to hear these stories of triumph. The kids and the hubby that is a process as well.. doing that too. My kids turn up their noses more often than the hubby, I am learning to make things that will appeal to them more, but some times it isn’t a battle to be won. Hope to hear from you sooner than later! Have you tried eliminating one of the 4 things that might be helping keep some of the weight on? I had a friend lose 20 pounds just by eliminating dairy from her diet? Others have lost just by not eating what they are sensitive to.

  5. Oh yes Holly! I am a food addict who is always tempted with my addiction and know that I love to eat!

    I do agree that good nutrition is necessary, however, in the US, our market is filled with”junk” and even our regular fruits and vegetables have no nutritional value, so people have no clue that they are not getting what they think they are getting, thus the rise in obesity. Therefore, it’s only through nutritional supplementation can one really get all of the nutrients the body needs, then the body gets rid of what it doesn’t need naturally.

    I love eating whatever my body desires now and it’s so freeing. No medications, just whatever my body is really wanting and no obsessiveness about food cause my body is totally fulfilled! Our bodies talk if we would just listen.

    Thanks for the education Holly!

    Much aloha,
    Kellie :)
    Kellie Hosaka recently posted..Do You Know That Slowing Down Can Speed Up Your ResultsMy Profile

  6. Linda G. Cox

    You are so Right On! I come from a family with alcohol addictions, I never drank but I was addicted to food! Having struggled with their addictions, my family never saw food as something real to be concerned about controlling! It’s refreshing to hear you say it like it is! It took me years to control my eating! And it is refreshing to live free! It’s so much faster and easier to eat processed food, but it isn’t worth it!
    Linda G. Cox recently posted..6 Mosquito Netting Prevents Malaria and Saves Lives!My Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Hi Linda,
      I hear you loud and clear. The effort we take today, will be hugely beneficial for the future. You are so right, it isn’t’ worth it.

  7. Yes, I totally agree! Eating healthy, and living active is not a fad that one does only to lose weight. It MUST become a part of your lifestyle in order for it to work. A lot of people still haven’t realized that and chases after each and every new “miracle diet” that goes out there only to get disappointed because it either didn’t work or they’ve gained more than what they’ve lost. Very useful tips, Holly!
    Young And Fabulous recently posted..Mom Tips On Repelling Mosquitoes Using Essential OilsMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Lifestyle change is where it is at! Fad stuff just doesn’t cut it– too bad so many people still get stuck in this arena. Thanks Cherrie!

  8. Toni King says:

    Hi Holly,
    I totally relate to your post. The days of consuming whatever we want whenever we want are in the past. I am more mindful of what I eat these days and have even given a totally vegetarian ‘raw food diet’ a go. I feel good when I eat raw, as I believe that once cooked, we’ve killed off all the nutrition. I also like to soak my nuts before eating them which brings them to a state of germination, full of life, nutrition and enzymes.

    Having said this, at times I also stray from this healthy eating habit, only to have to make up for it later.
    I do have a sweet tooth and quite a weakness for pizza…. ;)
    In Health & Harmony
    Toni King recently posted..EFT Affirmations Powerful Manifestation!My Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Hi Toni,

      I am with you on the “stray”. I work harder not to stray cause I know that I will pay for it later. I like raw, but I also steam and stir fry veggies. Hey I soak my nuts too, but then I dry them. Can’t remember the idea behind it, I have been doing it for years. I love sweets too! Thanks for sharing some of your wisdom. Greatly appreciated!

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