Seven Sure Fired Ways You Live to Die Prematurely

Making Empowering choices or disempowering, mind or bodyDid anyone ever ask for heart disease, cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer’s? Do you know anyone who is charging ahead in life asking for an illness?  Not likely!

This is a pet peeve of mine and I have to share it because I know that it will bring interesting conversations to the table.  I would also like a few more people to start looking after themselves better so they have a healthier life and aren’t such a burden to the rest of us. ( in terms of finances on the health care ( illness) system)

We all know that the health of America is not getting better!  We have read the statistics of obesity and the killer diseases that are dropping numbers of people by storm.  But my big question is: who is really doing anything about NOT getting these degenerative diseases that are attacking the population?  Are the majority of people?  Or a minority of people?

What do you do every day to be healthy?  Yah, I know that most people say they eat well.  According to whom?  Who is the judge of what is healthy?  Obviously most of us don’t get it, because the number of Diabetics and Heart Disease victims isn’t getting any smaller.  Take a look at your world and see how many of the people you encounter on a daily basis eat fast food, and don’t exercise.  How many don’t eat vegetables, and I mean eat veggies, not just a slice of tomato and 1 leaf of lettuce on a hamburger?

Do you know how many people I see drive through the drive thru at one popular restaurant in a given day. How many do you see?  And I am not looking for it, it jumps out at me. You can’t tell me those people are doing everything they can to prevent any of these diseases?

How many buy the cheapest food off the shelf?  How many people talk about how expensive everything is? How many complain about the price of good food?  But what do they do?  They eat out!  They don’t always prepare their own food.

It’s expensive to eat healthy?  Well it is pretty expensive to be unhealthy too?  What does it cost to be in a hospital when you are ill?  Oh, yah Canadians have a medical system which doesn’t “cost”.  (We just have to wait long time for anything!!)

Enough ranting.

My question is: how many people are saying “I wanna die prematurely”, technically no one, but if you looked at their habits, I would almost guess that they don’t give a care!  I know that sounds harsh.  But seriously now, how can you say they care if they don’t make changes (and of course I target those who do nothing differently to become healthier before they are ill and of course those who choose not to change once given the diagnosis.)

Before I forget; the 7 Sure Fired Ways You Say You Wanna Die Prematurely Are:

  1. You smoke.
  2. You eat at fast food restaurants.
  3. You don’t chew your food enough ( check out the next time you are at a fast food restaurant how many chews to swallow a HUGE bite of a burger—try it at home to and see what umber you get)
  4. You don’t exercise regularly
  5. You don’t take time for yourself and “quiet your mind”
  6. You let your mind race way too much and your stress level is way up.
  7. You are depending on someone else to do it for you.  The work of being healthy and fit.                                       And just for fun…..
  8. You don’t get enough vacations
  9. You drink too much coffee and alcohol

10.  You worry about money way too much

11.  You don’t know how to control your thoughts

12.  You don’t use Great Quality Nutritional Supplements.

Now I ranted, what is your take on the matter…

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