Nobody Is As Busy As I Am!

I get a lot of comments and excuses from people about ‘not finding time’ or not being able to exercise cause “I am too busy”.

I don’t get it!!

I think that it has to do with the choices we make.. Like everything else in our lives, no matter what, one will choose! One will make time to help out with whatever needs to happen in terms of an older parent, a sick child or pet.  One will make time to do what the Boss needs or demands at work. Right?  So why not our health?

Most of us don’t take time for exercise ( 75 % of the population is sedentary!!)

In my opinion, it isn’t important enough.

We feel well enough, or “I am getting by”.  Perhaps you don’t realize how out of shape you are.  Maybe you feel you’ll get to it “one day”.  What about ” I am not so bad, I can handle it”  What about those who don’t even think about the fact that they should include exercise in their day?

Whatever your excuse is, we all have them, perhaps in different areas of our lives…

I can pay somebody to do most of what I don’t like to do, or can’t find time to do…

Those who don’t “make time” for exercise can’t pay someone else to exercise your body… it doesn’t work that way.  Even if you have a personal trainer you ultimately have to do the work yourself!!  It is as simple as that.

Why do you think the diet and exercise industry is so huge?

Everybody wants to look and feel better, but the majority of  people aren’t’ willing to make the effort to make the changes they need to.

IT’S TOUGH! Nobody wants tough!!  Life is tough! Nobody is as busy as I am! We feel life is tough with the demands we have on us, how can we possibly fit exercise into it? (or eating healthy)

There will always be those individuals who no matter what they put into their mouths they won’t put on a lot of excess weight, but if they don’t exercise they won’t have the definition to their muscles. ( well maybe 1 in 3,000,000 people)

There will always be a certain percentage of the population that has to work harder than others to keep their weight in check ( by exercising and eating healthy)

I believe that the majority of the us won’t do what it takes to be fit and healthy.  And I have to say, not just a few short walks a week. Yes it is better than nothing, but we want to stress our muscles to gain and improve, not deteriorate. It is a complex thing, this being fit and healthy!

I am not saying that we all have to have 6 pack abs, ( not at all, because for the majority of us, that is not even of interest ,we aren’t going to work on that as the intensity to do that is WAY beyond where we want to go.)

How about making the effort to exercise 5-6 times a week at a level that is going to get results.  Change the food intake so that your get results in your clothes size.  Do you really believe that you are tiaking the time to do what it takes to make a difference in you?  Do you really do fitness enough for results, or just getting by?

Where would you place yourself?

1.  I’m not bad, I still look and feel good.

2. I feel pretty good, I don’t exercise and I don’t eat very well.

3.  One day I will get to it!

4.  I’m getting by, no real complaints. I’m probably 15-20 pounds heavier than I was 20 years ago.

5.  I exercise but eat what I want and how much I want.

6. I eat well and I exercise occasionally

7.  I can’t be bothered I am too busy.

8.  I’ve put on some weight over the years , I really should do something about it.

9.  I exercise 5-6 times a week and I am very conscious about the type and amount of food I eat ( very healthy choices)

Do you fall into any of these categories?  What is your story?  Work in progress?  Diligently healthy? Leave your details here I would love to hear what category you find yourself in.  Remember it isn’t about tattling on yourself, but drawing awareness so what you are doing to yourself, so that you can make healthier choices!

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49 Responses to Nobody Is As Busy As I Am!

  1. CorinneC says:

    I work out 3 times a week.. But I have to admit, It wasn’t easy to stay focus on doing this!
    CorinneC recently energyMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Great start for you!! It certainly isn’t always easy, great hear you are consistent! Thanks for charing,Corinne!

  2. Adrian says:

    There will always be those individuals who no matter what they put into their mouths they won’t put on a lot of excess weight, but if they don’t exercise they won’t have the definition to their muscles.
    Adrian recently posted..Many New Lawyers Jump into the Growing Arizona Bankruptcy Field – Debtors BewareMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Yes there will be those who eat whatever and don’t add weight… but like you say unless they exercise, the muscles won’t develop! What do you do, Adrian?

  3. patricia

    Great post Holly! We all have stories for not exercising for not eating in a healthy way, for not drinking enough, for stopping smoking etc etc…
    My story is the one of a busy gilr that finds hersef being more ” important” when working rather than when going to the gym club..
    All excuses and I know how I feel when I have worked out, I’m still in the sabotage phase that comes and goes during the year!
    My best excuse is telling myself:
    “Gym won’t help me lose the 5 kilos I need to lose, I tried it while eating the right quantities and it did not work..”
    The figures you share with us are incredible 75% of the population is sedentary, this is enough to wake us up!

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Although the going to the gym will make a difference with those 5 kilos, diet has more to do with it… If you eat too much or the wrong foods you get stuck! What will it take to get yourself motivated, Patricia? What works for you?

  4. Hi Holly, I really enjoyed your post. Everyone is busy today but it is so important to have balance in your life and to take the time to eat good foods, get enough rest, and exercise. If you make a conscious effort to do a little bit everyday you will find that by the end of the week you have accomplished alot with out feeling overwhelmed.
    Shelley Alexander recently posted..3 Of My Favorite Super Seeds For Strength And EnergyMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      A little bit everyday, makes a whole lot of difference… You dont’ have to be a gym rat to get the fitness you need!! You are right! Tanks for stopping by Shelley.

  5. Nile

    People are lazy these days and put their health outside their top priority list…I can agree with you. I remember when I was young, my ex-stepmother told my sisters and I during the summertime to play outside and not come back until lunch, and then after lunch, go back out until dinner.

    I also was a ‘walk to school’ student where my school was a little over 2 miles from my home. I got lazy when I had my son and kept saying I would exercise. I made excuses. I did not exercise… until the beginning of 2011. I have lost 30 pounds so far, but I do karate 2 times a week and about to amp up my regimen. It was hard, and still is, but I am starting to feel better. I also think my more active lifestyle going to conferences to speak has been a great motivation to keep at it.

    When people tell me they do not have time, I tell them stop making excuses. It does not take that long to exercise. Could be 15 minutes in the beginning and build from there. I just cannot wait until I have lost 50 more. I am going to go into the Brazilian jujutsu class as a reward. :D
    Nile recently posted..On Installing And Uninstalling WordPress PluginsMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Sounds like you have some great goals, Nile!! Great for you! It feels so good when we accomplish what we set out to do.. If it is too easy to accomplish it doesn’t feel as good.. So if you still have to work at it, that is a good thing, once it is easy, you will go for something bigger… No sense in plateauing~

  6. Anna says:

    Yes, thank you for the post! I am so annoyed when all my friends are “busy” and what do they expect from me – 3kids, 2 jobs and plenty of coffee time??????!!! I really dislike lazy and irresponsible people:(
    Anna recently posted..I am not so sure that cosmetic dentistry prices are set right…My Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      That is kinda funny!! But so true!! Yup that coffee and ‘complain’ time can take up a lot of the day! What do you do for your fitness, Anna?

  7. John Gaydon says:

    Hi Holly,

    I am probably swinging between 5 and 9. If you count bush walks in the mix, I often exercise 5 times a week, aothough 4 is the norm. We do watch what we eat and the fruit and vegetable basket is much larger than the one from the supermarket.

    lately we are moving to more organic food and growing our own vegetables and I definitely feel better for it.

    I encourage everyone to exercise regularly and watch what they put into their bodies. In latter years, you will be very thankful!
    John Gaydon recently posted..Small Business Marketing Plan – Making Your Site Visible OnlineMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Keeping fit over the years will make such a difference in the latter years!! That is my goal… and I hope to encourage more people to do the same… Thanks for sharing, John.

  8. Jupiter Jim

    Wow you really tell it like it needs to be said. I can see what category I am in. I do exercise regularly by riding my bike 5 or 10 miles, but last three weeks, not so much because it’s getting dark early and I’ve been so busy with work, blah, blah, blah! I agree with everything you’ve said in your article. Everyone has 15 minutes a day, right!
    Jupiter Jim recently posted..Thesis Tutorial: Proper Way to Add Image to a Blog PAGE using WordPress Thesis ThemeMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      It is amazing what we pick and choose not to do.. Some of us choose, exercise… Gotta keep that body fit!! Makes life later on so much easier!!

  9. Emilia says:

    Hi Holly, I must admit that I keep placing myself to #7. I can’t be bothered, I am too busy. BUT! I am aware of my laziness and the constant search of reasons why it is not possible to start working out. I KNOW that I should change, but I also know by experience that something huge must happen before I decide to take a total turn of my life. Thanks for this sweet reminder!
    Emilia recently implants londonMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Awareness is one of the first steps to change!! Now something huge needs to happen for you to decide!!! Hopefully not too huge, Emilia!

  10. Hello Holly, I’m reading this during a week where I’m on a lemon detox diet (this is my 2nd last day:-) I want to lose a few kilos because I have some special occasions coming up where I want to wear something special. I do exercise quite a bit – go swimming twice a week, to the gym once a week, and walk nearly every other day. However, I still put on a few kilos easily without even over-eating that much. So, going on a liquid diet every 6 months helps me to lose them again.

    I always say to myself “now you won’t put them on again will you?” This time I won’t:-)
    bye for now, Julieanne
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted..Are you ready for that quantum leap in your business?My Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      What we do once in a while is the not indicator of our results… Good luck with the cleanse! Hopefully the cleanse was for more than just the weight loss and it make creep back on just as quickly as you lost it… If you are so easily putting on that kilos without even over eating that much, do you exercise to burn it off? Are you eating the right types of foods for you to keep it off? Going up and down with those few kilos is tough on the body. Thanks for sharing, Julieanne!

  11. Great post, Holly! You are so right about all of the excuses of time. Sometimes, we just have to look at our schedule and figure out which things are truly nothing more than time sucks. I probably put myself in the fifth category. Sometimes, I’ll watch what I eat more, but I guess it depends. I watch my weight (although I tend to take a vacation from that in the time from my birthday to Valentine’s Day, because there is my birthday [10/24], Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, my wife’s birthday [2/13], and Valentine’s Day all in rapid succession) and make sure that I’m able to maintain around 135. If I lose more, I won’t complain, but I’m not worried about it, because it feels like I have a good equilibrium.
    Steve Nicholas recently posted..Experiments and ResultsMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Good to hear you are happy with where you are at, Steve… I encourage people to watch the high glycemic food choices. We often don’t know the damage they do to our blood vessels… ( your party’s from birthday to Valentines may have many of those culprit foods present!). Thanks for stopping ,by Steve!

  12. Hi Holly, You have the best arguments! Really..Noboday should be too busy to exersice and the excuses are getting old for a lot of people!

    When I walk my dogs in the morning and take 30 minutes to stretch and meditate I tend to feel better and my day goes by with less stress. We must take care of our bodies in order to take care of our mind and everything else! Thanks Holly!

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself, Nathalie!! That morning exercise and then stretch and meditate is a great way to get started!!

  13. holly! it’s so great to be on your site today :) and how timely with thanksgiving here in the US tomorrow…

    i am a “5”. i exercise but certainly don’t watch what i eat too closely.

    and i agree with nathalie: working out in the morning makes the rest of the day wonderful, less stressful, and i am able to run my day instead of having my day run me! you have tackled quite the battle in having people let go of excuses for not exercising. good luck holly!

    talk soon (see you on skype soon, i hope!)

    Melissa McCloud recently posted..Why I Work With Michael JordanMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      It is all part and parcel of the health of our body.. Eating the wrong types of foods will catch up with us one day.. So keep exercising, and when you get a little older, you may find that you have to choose your food differently!! Morning exercise makes the rest of the day wonderful… I agree! Thanks for stopping by Melissa. Great to see you back at it!

  14. Great post! You’re so right about not being able to outsource exercise. It’s so important to get balance in your life and exercise is a big part of that. I think balance is key, though so that you do the right amount for you. A friend of mine just called to tell me he can no longer be a police officer because he did too much exercise (gym rat) and it has caused such bad damage to his muscles and nerves that he is likely to become a cripple.

    Either extreme is bad for health but, as you say, incorporating a healthy and non-obsessive amount of exercise into your life has immense benefits and is something we all need to do. Fabulous message to spread!
    Rebecca Woodhead recently posted..How Do You Choose the Right Home Business?My Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Over doing exercise can be detrimental just like under exercising. I am going to guess that the latter is more common!! Too bad for your friend… A Healthy and non obsessive amount of exercise in your life is definitely the way to go.. No need to over do but a definite reason to do! Thanks so much for sharing, Rebecca!

  15. It’s all about priorities Holly – if someone doesn’t do something, even if they know logically they should, it’s simply because it’s not important enough to them. We can’t create priorities for other people – we can only do our best to inform and inspire them.
    marquita herald recently posted..Starting Over: It’s Never Too Late to Live Happily AfterMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Totally agree with you Marquita!! We can’t do it for them, and we can’t make them do it! So inspiration and information is what I provide!!

  16. Donna Merrill

    Oh Boy, I could be the queen of excuses when it comes to this subject. But every day, even if it is only for 5 minutes, I do take walks. That is something I cannot make excuses for because I have incorporated it into my day. Sometimes my excuses keep me back, but a five minute walk in the sun keeps me on my toes.
    I’m not a gym rat, but walking is my thing to keep myself going.
    I have to make it a priority, so I chose walking because that is what I enjoy. I used to swim, do weights for resistance, etc. Your words have inspired me to get on with it and make that New Years’ resolution to get my gym membership back.
    Thank you and Blessings,
    Donna Merrill recently posted..Develop Your Power – Part 1My Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      God for you to do those 5 minutes when you can, Donna . We have to fit in what we can and then start adding little bits more here and there until it becomes a habit that we can’t do without. I just know how great I feel even if it is just a few minutes it gets those ‘happy’ thought muscles going. Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Mandy Swift says:

    hi Holly, I love it! As a fellow fitness professional, I couldn’t agree more. Al life is a choice, isn’t it funny how we can always find the time to do the things we enjoy. For me, it is all about teaching people that mindset shift, from ‘it’s too much effort’ to ‘I really need this’. Great title by the way!!
    Mandy Swift recently posted..Relationship Marketing- Why Is Video Such A Powerful Tool?My Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Yes we can find the time for what we enjoy, or what we feel is a priority. Getting the mind to think that exercise is “I really need this” for some can be quite a journey… Thanks for sharing, Mandy!

  18. Ayesha says:

    I am definitely in the number 3 category. Exercise is definitely a must, and I know it. And I agree with you, we don’t have to have abs but we need to be healthy. This post just made me realize that I really need to work this out. :)

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Being healthy is the key!! We dont’ have to have all those muscles showing through or the 6 pack, that is for sure, but we need to be strong and able so that we can live a life of mobility and ease… It sure makes it easier when we are fit and healthy, Ayesha! Thanks for stopping by!

  19. Leonor Miller says:

    Hi Holly!

    I usually remain busy but I always pay attention to what I ate though I end up eating biscuits and snacks at times. I will put myself at number 6 as I eat lot of fruits and vegetables and exercise at least four times a week. I exercise for three weeks and then take a break.
    Leonor Miller recently posted..Bras ergorestMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      As long as that break that you take isn’t too long!! LOL Yes at times it is good to take a break as long as it isn’t too long. Thanks for your sharing, Leonor!

  20. Aloha Holly!

    Okay, you know where I fall on this one…heehee. I #1 but I more than not bad, I’m at my ideal weight, everything is tip top! I feel great and I actually have a lot of time. Sorry Holly, you know my story…always so heavy and unhealthy and worked out like crazy!

    I guess I’m the #2 too cause I eat everything and I don’t exercise regularly except I do my best to do what Holly says to do with the ball. LOL! Oh, and I do yoga stretches daily. Oh, and I walk up the stairs in my house daily. Heehee :)

    Okay, coach, so not bad for a 51 year old huh?

    Much love,
    Kellie :)
    Kellie Hosaka recently posted..Get A Jump Start To Success In 2012My Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Not bad for a 51 year younger, you are right, Kellie!! However we want to keep you strong and able. Keep on doing some strength things! When you get to be 60 that is when the deterioration of the muscles will jump much quicker.. So it won’t hurt to build up some of that strength now… I will keep working on you and you will keep doing!! LOL

  21. Great Post, I must admit I am one of those not getting enough exercise. I agree it is a choice and blame no time etc. I believe it is a habit that one must get into just like how we eat and fuel our bodies. I must change my habits and make better choices throughout the day. I am very active in my work that acts like a form of exercise, but not enough. Thanks again.
    Darryl Burgess recently posted..Blogging for SuccessMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Getting the exercise with the work helps, It can keep us in good shape… If you feel you aren’t getting enough, then keep working on changing those habits so that you make it happen for you. Making those habits and sticking to them is a choice, you are right about that! Best of luck on those changes, Darryl.

  22. Stevie Smith says:

    You are making some really important points, but we all know of a few single moms with young kids who get up before dawn and go to bed way too late because they have it all to do. I’ll make an exception for them: They look like they are way busier than the rest of us!
    Stevie Smith recently posted..Dating Tips For WomenMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Thank you, you have a very valid point, Stevie~ However I going to argue with you… If a single Mom finds a person for a relationship, she will make it happen, right? Well that is the same thing that should happen with her health. If she wants to be able to make it fit into her life with the right tips and suggestions a single Mom can fit in some exercise so that she is able to be fit and healthy and take great care of her kids.. It is so important for physical health and mental health to be doing some form of exercise!

  23. Margurite says:

    They look like they are way busier than the rest of us!It can keep us in good shape… If you feel you aren’t getting enough, then keep working on changing those habits so that you make it happen for you. Making those habits and sticking to them is a choice, you are right about that! Best of luck on those changes,
    Margurite recently posted..Realistic pencil portrait masteryMy Profile

  24. Shalani says:

    I believe it is a habit that one must get into just like how we eat and fuel our bodies. I must change my habits and make better choices throughout the day. I am very active in my work that acts like a form of exercise, but not enough.
    Shalani recently posted..Forex Capital Markets PlanoMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      A habit we must learn! We can always educate ourselves and then do what we learn to move forward and be healthier. Thanks for stopping by Shalani. What can you do to be more active if you say your work is a form of exercise, but not enough?

  25. Michael

    So true, Holly. It does take a want to be different to produce the energy needed to make the difference. I think maybe that is where some people get really stuck. it doesn’t seem like it takes any energy to be where they are, and they can’t imagine how they can get more energy to something different.

    It is almost like they give up their ability to choose for themselves what to do with their day. It seem so much easier to keep doing the same thing and hoping for different results. And that doesn’t work all that well as a strategy for change. :-)
    Michael recently posted..Water or RockMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Yes, that energy to push to change can seem very tough to find! It is a process!! Thanks for stopping by Michael!

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