Network Marketing Doesn’t Work

Network Marketing isn’t for everyone.  But it is possible for everyone to do… “It” works, but many people don’t agree.  What do you think?

The top five complaints I have heard in the industry…. They might be the same for you , they may not be… let’s compare.  I will list the first 5 starting at 5, but in no certain order, with the exception of the number one spot.

5.  It’s selling, I am not interested .

4.  That’s not a real business.

3.  The people at the top make all the money.

2.  I’m so busy.

and the number one excuse for the big network marketing industry is……

1.  It doesn’t work!

And this number one item is what the rest of my blog post is going to be about.  It isn’t that “it doesn’t work”.  How many people have you seen make it work!!  So it does work.  Maybe not for you, but then you have to look at, what doesn’t work. You or the business?  Truly take a look at what you have done and decide what didn’t work.

It may be your approach it may be your system, it may be the numbers… but really, the biggest factor that doesn’t work is you.  It isn’t that you are broken, but you aren’t the right “gear” for the business the way you are, if you aren’t the success that you want.

And not that you didn’t put in the time, prospecting and inviting and following up and that is involved with the business.  Did you truly become what you needed to be to do this business successfully?

You may truly believe that you did everything to make “it ” work.  But what about you.  You yourself and what you do and how you are?  Did you make yourself “be” the person you needed to “be” to get where you wanted to in this business?

This business works, but You have to become the right type of person to do this and you have to grow to meet the challenges of this business.  Ask anyone who has made it to the top.  They have to do so much mind/brain work it is unbelievable.  It really isn’t easy to do the mind/brain thing if you really think about it.  And that is why so many people choose not to make it work… Or use the excuse that it doesn’t work.

I truly believe that it really does work.  I also truly believe that it is who you become in the process of growing the business that makes the business work.

It is a journey.  Some make it quicker than others, some want more out of it than others.  But if you truly want to make it in the industry the biggest determining factor in your success is You, not the fact that the business doesn’t work.

So, what do you experience, “it ” doesn’t work?  Join the discussion here,  Let’s start a tally going as to what  people think…  I would love to hear about your experiences.

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One Response to Network Marketing Doesn’t Work

  1. Venus :) says:

    Hi Holly,

    This is a topic we often hear about.
    When I first saw the abbreviation NM, I had
    no idea what it stand for.
    Then when I learned and saw the principles
    on which it is based, it was crystal clear to me that
    it si the best and most brilliant form of compensation.
    I am not surprised that the above excuses are common.
    Anything that is common it is not normal.
    Nowadays most people are completely absorbed by the common
    and that’s why these erroneous beliefs are widespread.
    The masses have always gone in the wrong direction.
    This is not an excuse for those of us who see the truth to be it and live it.
    And lead the way for all who choose to be themselves by being enlightened.

    Infinite love and gratitude to you,
    Venus :)
    .-= Venus :)´s last blog ..Who Are You Really? (part 3) =-.

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