Judgments Can Change How You Make a Decision

Does being judgmental have anything to do with success?  How does one decide on whether to make a decision or not without bringing previous experience to manage or mismanage the decision made?

We often believe we are being objective, but if something doesn’t’ sit well with us  what does one do leave it alone? Respond with experience, or work from a totally open mind?

Wouldn’t you agree that responding from past experience is being judgmental?  How can one make an objective decision if there is possible baggage associated with the situation?

Let’s use the idea of Network Marketing.  You earn money off the efforts of yourself and your team.  Team work is about helping each other.  Right?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Network Marketing?

Some things that I have heard are:

“It doesn’t work.”

“I hate sales.”

“Everybody at the top makes the money.”

“I hate bugging my friends and family.”

If you have any of these ideas in your mind– do you believe you will make a decision  about Network Marketing with no judgment?

Seriously, think about it, if you believe or even have those thoughts floating around– don’t you think you might have a bit of a judgment attached?  How can you not?

Your “experience” with anyone who might have a relationship with you has been judgmental and talked about Network Marketing in a negative manner can take a hold of a little tiny part of your memory and there you have a judgment attached.  ( it could be negative or positive).   You have history attached.

What about the other big idea for some people about money.  You can’t make money off your friends and family. Ok, now you have 2 good judgments associated with Network Marketing.

So would you be slightly in agreement that you now have some pretty good preconceived ideas about something, just because you were in a conversation with another person?  You have come to the conclusion from what you  have heard ( no personal experience) that something isn’t right about Network Marketing or what happens with the whole thing?

Unconscious judgments?  You may not even know that they are there.  So how can you continue doing what you would like in an area when you have judgments that you don’t know about that are holding you back from doing what you say you want to do?

If you don’t know these judgments are there and are creeping around to keep your mind believing in something that is opposite of what you are doing, how can you know what you need to change?  How can you change something you don’t know you possess?  Or possess so strongly?  You have to become aware of what is there before you can change it?  Wouldn’t you agree?

What do you think?  What have you experienced?  Leave a comments and share your thoughts.

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