Getting Older Sucks But It Doesn’t Have To

Did you know that getting older sucks, but it really doesn’t have to!!

I am talking in terms of health… and mind… but the thing is, is that you have to exercise… it is so important for your muscles to stay strong so they don’t start to get weaker and smaller.. it is not a fact that muscle turns to fat but if you aren’t using your muscle it make look like your fat is becoming bigger.. in actuality your muscles are less toned less firm and therefore your fat looks floppier as the muscle isn’t as taut to hold it more tightly in place.. if you know what I mean… please don’t get mixed up with the idea that muscle turns to fat.. .see this post …..

If you don’t use it you will lose it… so true when it comes to aging adults.. if you are not going to use your muscles you are going to lose the ability of it and it isn’t going to remain at its present size or strength… if you let it of ( not use it except for the occasional time slot to do one activity for a short period of time or just do something  for a couple of weeks.. it isn’t going to remain strong and capable…  You need to be doing something in terms of making it work and when I say work, you need to add resistance against it so that you feel it straining a bit .. if it isn’t any work at all to lift what you lift, then there isn’t going to be much gain…

People are worried about injury!  That is when it is important to check out with a professional to help you get what you need.  There are a lot of people out there who just pick up a book or a magazine or program off the shelf and think they know what they are doing, and hopefully they do.  However what they do may not be what you need.  That is where your homework in finding out what is best for you comes in.. That may be where many people aren’t willing to put in the time or hire the right person to check out how to do things safely and efficiently.

If you are going to start a training program you want to make sure you do it efficiently so that you help your body by being safe and efficient.. you don’t want an injury.  Back to that idea, many people don’t exercise for their fear of injury.. I personally am more concerned about getting injured because my body is declining is ability.. Prevention is so much easier.  And if you are strong and in good shape, then if you do get injured the recovery time is less also… So it is a double win!!

How many people do you know that slip and fall and break a bone… if they have been stronger and more flexible there would be a greater chance of them not getting the worst case situation out of the fall… Now of course it isn’t just about exercise.. although the strength part is HUGE… you need to eat a healthy diet too… Eating burgers and fries and potatoes and fried foods and no ( or very little)veggies, fruits, legumes lentils and nuts isn’t’ going to get you top notch results… Oh and a good supplement is great for you too as there is no one around that has the perfect diet with all the foods that have the ultimate nutrients in them to nourish the body the way our bodies need nourishment to combat all the ails of our modern day world…

So if you are going to age well and I mean with strength and prowess, you need to exercise… don’t avoid it because you are afraid you will get injured, but do it so you can prevent injury.. Prevent that decline that comes with “age”.  Fight it!!  Not to fight that you are getting older, but fight to stay strong and capable…

Oh, and I don’t mean to scare you off, but i have to tell you:  I don’t mean just walk, or just do yoga… you have to work on all aspects of your body…   Another thing, it isn’t always a muscle that is in duress, we have a body part called fascia and there is more info out there now a days that, that is a big part of what we have to do to keep ourselves feeling good too (have you ever got that stiff sore feeling that just doesn’t seem to help you move easily ~ and it really doesn’t feel like a muscle ache).   Doing the same exercises over and over and over again is detrimental to that body organ too… ( stay tuned for the fascia function info ~~ coming soon)

So have you thought about injury and why you may choose not to exercise… Have you thought about what is going to happen to your body if yo continue to just do what you do?  The sooner you get at it, the better off you will be!!

Happy Exercising!

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52 Responses to Getting Older Sucks But It Doesn’t Have To

  1. Hi Holly

    I agree with you about the fact that if we don’t use it we lose it…And also another really important point you are making is that it’s easier to prevent getting weaker then actually worry about injuries due to weak muscle mass. Great post ..Thanks Holly. ~ Nathalie
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..How To Lift Your Self-Success MechanismMy Profile

  2. Important information Holly. I do think that attitude and exercising our minds is as important as taking care of our bodies. One of my heroes is my late grandmother-in-law. When she was 98 she suffered a broken hip and had to go into an assisted living facility while she healed – the doctors tried to prepare her for the likelihood that she would never leave. She laughed at them and then she got pissed. The woman was a marvel (former school teacher, traveled across the U.S. in a covered wagon with her family when she was a kid, and LOVED to watch boxing!) – she healed and was back in her own home 3 months later where she stayed active and mentally sharp as a tac until the day she passed peacefully in her sleep at 105.
    marquita herald recently posted..You Are Shaping Your Future With Every Choice You MakeMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      That is the way it should be for all of us.. She is the type of person I want to be like! Thanks for sharing Marquita!

  3. Angela says:

    Thank you for this post Holly! When I was younger I didn’t like exercise and didn’t value it. I have really embraced it lately and have found that even though I am aging I feel better and better. Like you say I am “fighting” the decline that comes with age. Thanks for sharing this, I hope people pay attention to this.
    Angela recently posted..Magnetic Sponsoring Strategies to Grow Your Network Marketing BusinessMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Glad you like it, Angela. I just hope that more and more people realize this before it is too late… Good for you to value it now.

  4. Holly,

    As a former Professor of Health and Physical Education, I have known the value of keeping my body physically fit. I have also realized the incredible importance of the specific foods we eat. And also, taking colon cleanses to keep our intestines clean and functioning well. Just as there are many parts to building a business or creating a fulfilling relationship, maintaining health requires paying attention and sometimes even hard work – but well worth the effort.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..13 Secondary Effects of the Boomerang Generation – Guest Blog by OnlineUniversities.comMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Totally worth the effort… however I think that we still need to educated more on it.. It needs to be more wide spread than it is… Thanks for your support, Dr. Erica.

  5. Hi Holly:

    I never thought about preventing injury as a benefit to exercise. It makes sense but I hadn’t really connected those two dots before. :)

    Kevin Martineau recently posted..Dolphin Tale DVD giveawayMy Profile

  6. Nile

    lol… I tell people that a lot… muscle does not turn into fat. The thought that it would is just kind of gross… like your muscles melted into some fat mass… which basically would mean that you had no muscles from one ligament to another and not able to move a body part. *shudders*
    Nile recently posted..5 Steps To Building A Business Plan For Your BlogMy Profile

  7. Anna says:

    You are so right! Exercises not only make us feel better and younger but I can add they even help us establish new communications and getting to know more people! Good idea for the next year:)
    Anna recently posted..local dentistMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      I can’t imagine life without exercises… or some form of great movement! Thanks for stopping by Anna!

  8. I so agree that as you get older you need to exercise. This week I went back to the gym after a year away. I went back because I knew my body needed it. I turned 40 last year and all the reports say 40 is when you start to lose strength and energy. With two little kids I can’t have that so I’m motivated to stay strong and healthy. The key I think is to find something that motivates you to do the work needed. Great post.
    VaNessa Duplessie recently posted..Down and Out For a WeekMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Absolutely you need to find something that motivates you.. Although sometimes you have to go thru several things to get what you want.. Like the old saying goes, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the right one!! LOL

      All areas of fitness are important, so make sure that you stay strong and fit with endurance, strength training, yoga (flexibility) posture and balance… You have two little kids you can do all kinds of things with them and they can learn to be fit too!! Have fun with it!

      Thanks, for stopping by, VaNessa!

  9. Aloha Holly!

    I agree with your statement “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it”. I have definitely seen that in older people. I guess I need to up and down my stairs more…LOL!

    Thank you for all of your great information Holly! I am looking forward to finding out what “fascia function” is… :)

    Much aloha,
    Kellie :)
    Kellie Hosaka recently posted..Every Winner Was Once A BeginnerMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Yes, more stairs and more muscle work young lady!! If you don’t use it, you lose it and you have seen it so that is all the proof you need! Thanks for stopping by , Kellie.

  10. Great post, Holly! My other question is how you get back into it after injuries. I have had nagging issues with my Achilles and my ankles this winter. I know that you can’t be too careful with your Achilles, but what do you recommend after a prolonged absence?
    Steve Nicholas recently posted..Shoe Leather and Wallet LeatherMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Take your time… Small steps… IF you over do it, you can end up back where you were or worse… Shall I say, let your intuition guide you… Don’t let that ‘think’ thing get in the way.. Try it and see, then move forward at a pace that works for you! Your body will let you know what it can take. Great nutrition ( food and supplements) and proper progression will get you back on the road to where you want to be. The best of luck Steve!

  11. Wonderful post Holly! I agree that as you get older exercising becomes even more important to maintain muscle and strength. I want to keep my strength and prowess well into my golden years so I will always exercise. Thanks for sharing :)
    shelley alexander recently posted..Acai Berry Cranberry Tea SherbetMy Profile

  12. So THAT’s why my arms are looking flabbier! ; ) Well, this was the kick in the pants that I needed to get back into my weight training!

    I was really focused on healthy eating, but that’s not going to help those jiggling arms! Great article! Happy New Year!
    Natasha Nassar recently posted..Welcome To My Blog!My Profile

  13. Holly, we all know that age is just a number but it doesn’t always feel like that.

    I didn’t go to a doctor in about 30 years but now it seems like the social center for myself and all my friends in our village.

    I used to play a lot of sport competitively and never really took to exercise as it seemed that it was not at all competitive. Consequently now that I am giving up the sports, it is definitely more difficult to keep fit than if I had not kept fit in my past (if you know what I mean).
    Trevor Barrett recently posted..Best Banks For Checking AccountsMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Whatever you do, don’t stop being fit!! As the people you hang out with don’t do, keep to your own mind that fit is way better and healthier! You may have to find people that think like you so that you have to stay mobile and healthy with others.. Stay in the fit life, Trevor.. Find something that you love, or that at least you are wiling to try…. Keep me posted!!

  14. Maureen says:

    Prevention is so much easier. And if you are strong and in good shape, then if you do get injured the recovery time is less also… So it is a double win!!
    Maureen recently posted..How to kill silverfishMy Profile

  15. Cindy says:

    Really nice text, I totally agree, with the years it is getting more important to exercise. There are a lot of special courses for seniors, I really do like them! Thanks for this inspiring article;)
    Cindy recently posted..Routine oral hygieneMy Profile

  16. Kevin DeRoo says:

    Hey Holly,

    I’m afraid that I am guilty of not keeping up with a consistent exercise schedule. Now that I am working from home full time the need for planned daily exercise has never more important … as for diet? I’m not telling!!! (I’ll have to work on that too.)

    Thanks for this excellent reminder Holly,

    Kevin DeRoo recently posted..Facebook Fan PagesMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      You are not telling, Kevin!! That means that you don’t think it is as good as it could be? Or it is better and you want to keep it a secret? LOL Better now than later… The sooner the better you will be amazed and the results… not to mention the long term benefits!

  17. Justin Mazza says:

    Hi Holly,
    I always encourage others to stay physically fit in any way that feels comfortable to them. Whether walking, biking, gardening or lifting weights the body needs to be moved and exercised daily.
    Justin Mazza recently posted..Do Spiritual People Get Angry and Show Other Negative EmotionsMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Yes the body needs to be moved everyday!!! Every day! I have to share with you though that walking is not enough… if we want to sustain a strong and healthy body we need to do some strength training… Even if one is older the weights is very important. I also believe that we need to stretch our “comfort” when it comes to exercise. Thanks for sharing with us, Justin!

  18. Pearly Quah

    Holly, this is “wow”…I realized that I don’t exercise but I dance everyday just because I enjoy music and body movement. So, after learning what you have mentioned about using the muscle, I am glad I love…this is also a form of exercise because I used quite a lot of muscle strength in different movement haha…thanks for sharing. Not sure if I can consider my type of dancing as an exercise or just an excuse haha…

    Thanks again, friend ! :-)

    Pearly Quah recently posted..Understanding Massage (Part 2)My Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Great excuse!! But works well, Pearly!! Keep on dancing.. Putting in some real muscle time works great too!! Hint Hint

  19. Yorinda

    Hi Holly,
    great post about what I would call ‘growing older gracefully’.
    Exercising (as you put it: ‘use it or you lose it’) is important and makes us feel better too.
    I also like the brief suggestions on healthy food and supplements.

    You made me curious about your mention of fascia, will keep an eye on your article about that.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.
    Yorinda recently posted..The Tetris Effect and HappinessMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Growing older gracefully, good way to put it… Being full of spunk and energy lifelong too!! Thanks for sharing Yorinda!

  20. Perry Davis says:

    Hello Holly.

    Premium choice of title for your post which contains valuable information for people of all ages. Exercise is definitely a key element in the natural process of growing older. For me one of the benefits of exercise is keeping my energy at a high level. Holly keep raising the banner on exercise we all need to be reminded of its importance. Along with exercise and nutrition I chose not to accept the myths about aging that we’ve come to accept because of their repetition.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City
    Perry Davis recently posted..What is the next big thing in network marketing?My Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      I am with you there Perry!! Not choosing to accept the myths about aging!! Yeah movement of muscles for long life!!

  21. Laura Morris says:

    Hey Holly~~
    You are so very right. Getting old can be a good or even great experience! When we challenge our bodies as they age and see all that God built them to do, rather than allowing them to shrivel and wither away, we can have a long and happy life! When pain creeps in, activity is one of the best remedies as you point out, by keep muscles strong and bones healthy. I know by having fibromyalgia, that being sedentary for long periods of time really kills me physically. As soon as I got up and got moving, I felt so, SO much better! The addition of a better diet and adequate hydration with the right kind of water made a huge difference as well!

    Thanks My Friend!
    Laura Morris recently posted..A Business Secret From JapanMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Proper Nutrition, great exercise and water are all part of the healthy life.. you are doing it right Laura!!

  22. I am kinda young still but I know if I start exercising now, It will not be too hard when I grow a little older. Getting older seems to me to be more of a mind thing than anything else. Thank you for your help and advice as it comes right on time for many who are currently aging.
    Steven Hennigan recently posted..Why Tweet?My Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      A lot of aging can be a mind thing… However if one doesn’t use those muscles no matter how much we think they are strong the muscles do begin to be less able…. so it sure won’t hurt to start when you are young.. However if you leave it til later, doing strength training will be beneficial even when you get to it… Don’t leave it too late!! Thanks for sharing Steve.

  23. Thank you, Holly, for the great information about exercise.
    Hopefully we can teach our children a way to exercise in a way so the will continue with their ‘routine’ all the way through their life.
    The same applies to your suggestion of a healthy diet.
    Doug Braddock recently posted..Award Winner in Hollywood Film FestivalMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Hopefully we can! The food is a big part of it too.. If we can combine great exercise and healthy food choices we can win!

  24. When i was sabotaging going to the gym I asked myself what is laziness try to teach me here?
    What is boredome thry to teach me here?
    What is I changed the word boredom into another word that sounds and feels better, like listening to my body and enjoying being in contact with it while streteching, running playing…
    words count and words define us shape us inside out!
    Thanks Holly great post as always!

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Great comments Patricia!! The words we tell ourselves surely will give us the results we get.. If you don’t like it and tell yourself so, you won’t like it!! The words we speak and think have a great impact on our results!!

  25. clare says:

    hi Holly,
    Exercise is key to living a longer and better life! No doubt. It is so easy when one is young to ignore doing what will benefit you in the long run. However, as a person who is approaching a stage of life I never thought I would ( isn’t that amazing how we all think we will never get there….) I am grateful for all the exercise I have done in my life. Now I focus on daily exercise – walking, cycling or rebounding.

    Thanks for a valuable topic.
    clare recently posted..April is Autism Awareness MonthMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Yes, looking back I am grateful for the exercise that I have done too!! Good for you Clare.. Make sure you are working on improving those muscles. If they don’t get strengthened they will start deteriorating!! Cycling, walking and rebounding are excellent choices and so is weight resistance! Especially in the aging process!!

  26. Hey Holly,
    I see patients every day who have aches and pains and are just resigned to the fact that they are older and it can’t be helped. One of these patients complains about her ankle pain and the doctors have told her that she has tendinitis and she has to be careful. I guess they forgotten to tell her that when she loses 50 pounds her pain will go away. We have to stop fooling ourselves and realize that weight does matter.
    Joyce Edwards recently posted..Signs of Gluten IntoleranceMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Hallelujah! Joyce, I love it when you say that! I often cringe when people resign themselves to “I am getting older”… So not true! Someone in my life recently said ( the light bulb went on) I wonder if I lost 20 pounds if that would make these health Symptoms not so awful! Awareness is one thing, doing something about it comes sometime later!! Thanks for sharing!

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