Does Exercise Ever Get Easier?

Does it??  I’ve been asked that a lot!!  “Does it ever get easier?”strengthen your muscles

And I am going to say no.. unless you stop pushing to get better.  Yes, if you are only going through the motions.

To get your systems to improve you have to push them.  It doesn’t have to be real intense but  you have to push them.

So that would mean, if you are doing weight training, you have to choose to pick up heavier weights… If you want to breathe easier in a run or walk you have to push yourself to improve your cardiovascular system. Strolling along is just that, strolling, it may maintain what you have but it sure won’t make you perform better. And you and I know that strolling isn’t tough.

Why doesn’t it get any easier?   If it got “easier” it wouldn’t be exercise!!  When it does start to get easier, it’s time to step up what you are doing!!  Exercise has to be challenging! You are training your heart, your lungs and your muscles to become stronger!

That doesn’t mean that doing movement or activity isn’t worth it, it still burns calories.. But what do you want with your ‘exercise’?  Are you content to let it get easier so it isn’t improving you condition that is your strength and mobility.

frustrated girlAre you someone who ‘dislikes or even hates exercise cause it is so hard??

I believe that we need to go through activities that make us stronger to be able to maintain our mobility.  I see far too many people who have restricted movements due to weaknesses, extra weight and low endurance levels.  AND IT ISN’T ABOUT AGE!!  It’s about inability cause you haven’t gotten off your butt and made your muscles, heart and lungs do enough to keep your strong.

If you can’t do something, why not?

Of course there are going to be injuries and accident and things that happen in your life that cause a bit of restriction. I’m talking mostly about the ones that you CAN do something about.  Do you use your ‘issue’ as an excuse or do you find someone who can help you restore your ability as best as  you can?

A weakness isn’t a green light to say you “don’t” have to do that!!  It’s a green light to get  you to work on it and help get it into better working condition!!  Sometimes that start from where  you are at may look like it’s going to take forever to accomplish any change, but I guarantee that if you work at if progressively you will get progress!!  (most of us want instant success/change or if it’s too hard I’m not supposed to be doing that!)

The thing is… if you don’t do any exercise or keeping your weaknesses from taking over, YOU are the one that loses.  It becomes harder and harder to do things.. Everyday things!  You lose your mobility and your independence!!

So the question is, does exercise get any easier?  Really!!  Not if you are using it to keep yourself able!! Exercise is just that and if it wasn’t exercise it wouldn’t be making your better!

Whoa!!  The benefits of exercise!!  Building Strength

So my question to you is, do you expect exercise to get easier? And why so?  Why not?  Why wouldn’t you want to be more strong, more flexible more able to do things.  And I challenge you to say something other than “I don’t like exercise”.  Do you like to be immobile, weak and incapable of having normal everyday movement?




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34 Responses to Does Exercise Ever Get Easier?

  1. Maybe it doesn’t get any easier, holly, but it does get more rewarding I think, especially when you see some results in your life and the way you feel. I played basketball a lot and it was one of the best things I ever did. I loved it and remember even the hard work as a great time in my life.
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  2. Tara says:

    Thanks for the great post Holly! As someone who never exercised until the last few years I have to admit I was hoping it will get “easier” one day….I guess it never should! And, I agree, it does work. Two years ago I could barely get off the couch my knees were so bad from my excess weight. I was seriously considering starting on arthritis medication. I was 43. Today, after almost 2 years of participating in a regular bootcamp class that kicks our butts…I am painfree in my knees, and have lost about 35 pounds. I am not “dieting” rather am changing my eating habits so it will last. So….I completely love hearing your motivational posts and to see how exercise has affected your life for the positive.

  3. Hey Holly,

    I know everything you say here is true but I’m one of those ones who have never really exercised at all. Maybe one of these days I will get the incentive to try but walking is about my limit.

    Have a great day. Monna
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  4. Holly,

    I disagree. Exercise can and does get easier – unless you are training for peak performance at some event.

    As a former professor of health and physical education for over 2 decades, I found that students improved exponentially within the 15 weeks of each course, gymnastics, tennis, slimnastics. They worked out only once/week (most did no additional exericse for the rest of the week) for actually 13 weeks because the first and last classes were intro and exams.

    What happens is that your body adjusts to walking or jogging a certain distance at a certain pace and that does become easier, although sometimes it is still difficult to get started. It becomes easier to increase your level of exercise in increments and to cross train – move from one activity to another, returning to the original activity.

    The very beginning of any exercise program is the most difficult. Once you are in the habit of exercising, even if you feel some pain you also have the memory of where you started and how much progress you have made, and that can keep you moving forward.


    Dr. Erica
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    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      I agree to disagree!! Too many people have asked me the same question.. Does it get easier, cause it ain’t getting easier for them!! Perhaps because they move to the next challenge.. Each individual gets stronger and things they have done may get easier, but if a person keeps pushing, it won’t ‘get easier’ as they will want to improve. Especially as we age. It gets tougher. I say that from the many clients I have had over the last 26 years.

      Improving will happen that is for sure, efficiency will happen. Perhaps it’s a start of mind also.. Exercise wouldn’t be exercise if it was easy!! We need to push our muscles and other body systems, but we also need to do exercise (movement) that is enjoyable and has minimal stress to the body and mind.

      I also believe that younger people have it a whole lot different than older bodies..
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  5. Alan Jenkin

    You’re right, Holly – it doesn’t get easier. It can, however, become more enjoyable. Until recently I was exercising regularly, running 3-5 times a week and lifting weights 3 times a week.

    It took a while to get to the stage where I really enjoyed it, but finally I found myself missing the exercise when circumstances caused me to break my routine. I looked forward to my exercise sessions.

    For me, sadly, that had to stop when my doctor discovered a heart condition that has caused me to ease up on the exercise, No, it was NOT the exercise that caused it, but now I am severely restricted, and the fact that I am not allowed to push myself has taken all the pleasure out of exercising. I’m working on adapting my mindset to enjoying gentle exercise rather than feeling it’s a waste of time and energy!

    So cherish the experience that it’s hard: believe me, you’ll really miss it if and when you have to stop.

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    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Thanks for that note of advice, Alan.. I sometimes think of the time when I can’t ‘challenge’ myself like I’d like to! It does feel good to accomplish those tough workouts.. Sorry to hear you have to back off, but at least you are still mobile and able!
      Holly Fulford-Jeffrey recently posted..The Biggest Loser… Loses!My Profile

  6. Donna Merrill

    Hi Holly,

    If exercise gets easier, we are not doing it to our full potential. Now, I’m the kinda gal that made so many excuses not to exercise in the past.
    After a long talk with myself, I chose one thing I enjoyed to do and that was swimming. I’m not a great simmer yet, but I had no shame going into the gym doing the dog paddle!
    Now I mastered the back stroke and yes, it is more difficult. Next I want to improve my speed.
    To me exercise is my own journey pushing myself a little bit at a time. Even weights, done in the pool… I went from five minutes of hating it to 15 minutes of “pushing” it. Easier, not at all. Better? You BET!

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  7. Heather

    I really appreciate this post! I am struggling with my weight loss but I have begun a few new areas that I am hoping to see progress in. I will have to bookmark this post to keep me motivated and moving further toward my goal.
    Heather recently posted..60 hours in …My Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Good luck with your goal, Heather! Remember it isn’t always about weight loss.. It’a about being more able and mobile and feeling great too!!! If you have any questions, just let me know. I’l love to help you on your journey!! Cheer leaders help!!
      Holly Fulford-Jeffrey recently posted..The Biggest Loser… Loses!My Profile

  8. Sarupa Shah

    I measure how easier it gets in terms of how easy I reach a no. set as that motivates me and of course I do push myself…well sometimes anyway ;)
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  9. Sue Bride

    Is there a term like couch potato for someone who sits in front of their computer as much as possible. If so that is me. I know many people get a kick out of exercise and feel better afterwards but that is not me.

    Even if I push myself to try it does not get any easier to motivate myself to do it and the good intentions are soon lost. I know all the advantages to be gained from exercise yet not liking it is enough to stop me even although I am already suffering because of my sedentary lifestyle.
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    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      If I had the magic formula to inject/instill in people to want to exercise and do what their body needs I would be a millionaire several times over.. I think you are like may people and I can’t imagine being there. I have always moved and had a goal to always be mobile and not huff and puff like a steam engine going up stairs, and be strong.

      I can’t imagine how life would be getting older and not being able to do so many things that we take for granted we will always be able to do. If we don’t use it we will lose it! Your muscles decrease with age just because…

      Keep coming back for a reboot about exercise and movement. Before you know it, not doing some form of exercise may affect you more deeply than you can imagine!

      Thanks so much for sharing, Sue!
      Holly Fulford-Jeffrey recently posted..The Biggest Loser… Loses!My Profile

  10. Hi Holly. I think the word ‘easier’ is a matter of definition. When you exercise consistently, it does get physically easier. But is it pleasant? For some people, a definite ‘yes’. For others, like me, it’s always a hated activity. That’s why I do it the first thing when I roll out of bed. I’m still half asleep, and I get the hated necessity out of the way LOL. Since everything I do and enjoy, from working on the computer to playing the piano, involves sitting, I have to do something to keep from turning into a blob of Jello. Coming to your site inspires me (or makes me feel guilty, I’m not sure which!).

    All the best,
    Leslie Denning, The Home Biz CEO
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    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Don’t feel guilty, Leslie!! Just know that what you are doing is helping you stay more mobile and able longer!! We deteriorate each and every year.. our muscles getting smaller/ weaker and if we don’t do anything about it… it will soon show up in very big ways!! Keep doing what you are doing!! ( are you doing any weight resistance training?)
      Holly Fulford-Jeffrey recently posted..The Biggest Loser… Loses!My Profile

  11. Holly,
    exercise.. what a word!!!!!

    last summer have been under the weather for months with a painful gout attack that did not want to go away and so no walking (yes, I love walking)..

    Then winter come, LUCKY me the gout went away for good and so I am ready to exercise again BUT I had to fight with lots of snow, ice and very cold temperatures.. so exercises (walking) had to take another set back.

    Finally last week we had temperature a little better (around -5 to 0 C) and so I right away took the opportunity to get some excercises… little did I know it was not that easy.. first, I had to many heavy clothing on me.. and so it was like carrying 30 pound of extra weight, second.. after 30 minutes (I usual walk for more than an hour) ,u body was ready to brake down, my back start to hurt and so my walk ended in less than 30 minuets… the next day again it was nice ans so I ventured again. this time was a little better and went for 45 minutes.

    Today I went out again and finally got to a little over an hour.. so what can I say from my experience? It gets easier as time go and it gets easier because I made sure I push a little every time I went out..
    Hope this helps you to get the answer you need…
    Thanks so much for doing what you do to benefit others.
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  12. I have to agree with Dr. Erica. Exercise DOES get easier. At least, that has always been my experience. Mind you, I’ve never trained for a marathon or any athletic event. My goal is to be healthy, strong and flexible. Once I’m within that range, my aim would be maintenance.

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  13. Chery Schmidt

    Hello Holly! When I started reading your post I had to disagree with you because if you exercise everyday your body is adapted to this as for myself I really don’t lift weights or do any real strenuous exercises but then I started to think about it more as I kept reading.

    I do occasionally add a new yoga move that is a little hard for me to do until I master it So this does make it an interesting topic. Thanks for sharing!! Chery :))
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    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Definitely an interesting topic!! If one wants to stay “stagnant” in their exercise then I will agree it does get easier.. But if we continue to challenge ourselves we add on tougher exercises (yoga poses), more weights. Once it is easier we move forward again! If it isn’t challenging, are we getting what we need from it?

      Thanks for sharing, Chery!
      Holly Fulford-Jeffrey recently posted..The Biggest Loser… Loses!My Profile

  14. Dawn Glden

    I have to agree with those who say it does get easier. Having just finished a 60-day challenge of sorts on my Blog, and as an on and off again dieter, I did find it easier to set some treadmill time into my routing and accomplish my commitment. That might not be the same kind of ‘easier vs. harder’ you were referring to, but it is the way I measure it. Your tips are great… I look forward to visiting your site again!
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    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Good point, Dawn!! It may depend on the “type” of easier we are talking about. But the one I am talking about I don’t think is quite the same as yours. Way to go on your 60 day challenge!! Great to hear your successes!!
      Holly Fulford-Jeffrey recently posted..The Biggest Loser… Loses!My Profile

  15. Oh I can relate to this message Holly. I’ve held a pretty consistent exercise routine for the last couple of years but recently decided I wanted to ramp it up in preparation for an extended trip I’m taking later this year. So, right now every inch of me is sore – but as you’ve pointed out it is temporary and I know it’s well worth hanging in there. Thanks for the wise words!
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  16. Marty Diamond

    I think there is a difference between easier physically and easier mentally

    Exercise does get easier mentally if you’ve kept to it for any sustained period of time – the should I shouldn’t I just doesn’t enter into it – you do your routine every day, every other day – whatever it is – it becomes part of your life and when you don’t exercise there is a real absence – and you can’t wait to get back to your routine.

    Pushing yourself – I think that really depends on your exercise goals – I’m in maintenance and I’m very happy there – I’ll change up the routine – add more challenging parts to it – and slack off on others – and then reverse the process so it doesn’t get boring – I’m more into increasing reps and adding more time -different activities rather than pushing myself – it’s got to be almost playtime for me or it loses it’s appeal .

    I think it’s whatever gets you up and moving – that has to be the primary goal – beyond that – how much you want to challenge your body and push it to new levels is a personal thing – yes really important for some – not so for others but for a country with an obesity problem seems that anything that gets people moving is a good thing.
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  17. Rachel Lavern

    Ugh. You busted my bubble with this post Holly. You see, I recently started working out with a personal trainer three times per week. It has been ‘killing’ me and what has kept me going was the (improper) thought that it will be easier as he whips me back into great shape. Of course, what you said makes perfect sense. But I don’t think I will tell my trainer when a move gets ‘easier’ right away. I could use a session or two where my muscles are burning or I do not feel that my heart is going to beat right out of my chest. Just kidding :)
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