Create You Own Solution to Holiday Over Eating and Under Exercising, In 4 Easy Steps

You can create your own solution to Holiday over eating and under exercising in 4 easy steps…. I bet you don’t work out through the holidays like you do during your regular schedule!  I bet you don’t  even eat quite the same!

I know that I don’t!  Mainly because my scheduled classes don’t take place and I need the break from the gym and a regimented schedule.  But let me tell you if I don’t schedule in some exercise, it can get pretty depressing and I can get pretty cranky!

I don’t  know about you, but I look forward to working out.  I find that it really gets me motivated and focused on any given day to be happier, more energetic!!  It has been proven that happy chemicals in the body are ignited when we move!

So for those of you who try to keep a schedule of exercise throughout the holidays here are some helpful tips!

1.  Make a plan ~ and do your utmost to make it work.  Plain and simple schedule in a time of day to work out and do some form of exercise/movement.  It can be done in the house around the things that you are doing.. The regular ~ park at the very end of the parking lot when you do your shopping and make sure you walk lots and lots while you are shopping. (Dance around the Christmas tree, or walk around the house lots admiring your decorations).  Be sure that if you can’t actually exercise one day, that you move as often as you can. Squats when you are sitting around, lunges as you walk from room to room, dance as you go from room to room.

2. Eat enough, but not too much.  Make a plan to eat only what you need to eat to help your body. When you over eat you will be extra tired and you won’t have the energy you would like.  It makes a huge difference when you eat to nourish rather than to eat just because it is there and it makes someone else feel good that you are eating what they have so lovingly prepared.  Don’t you just hate how you feel when you overeat and get sooo tired after that big gorge?

3.  Make sure that if you do overdo it… You don’t beat yourself up mentally!!  Doing so is far worse for your being than those sweets and over eating that you have done!  So you are bound to mess up a couple times over the holidays.  No big problem, I am sure you know that it isn’t the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year that gain you the most weight and out of control habits… it is by far more problematic when we keep those habits going from New Years till the Thanksgiving holiday.

4.  Don’t let other people’s opinion of what you do interfere with what you are doing.  In the long run the choices that you make to be healthier such as eating and exercising will be far more beneficial to you than the looks and comments of those who don’t want to do what you do.. However, they may pick up on some of those habits too!

So what is your biggest concern over the holidays?  Eating too much of the bad stuff, eating too much?  Not exercising or not moving enough?  Share your concerns or experiences below I would love to hear what has worked and what you are looking to working on.

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12 Responses to Create You Own Solution to Holiday Over Eating and Under Exercising, In 4 Easy Steps

  1. Linda G. Cox

    Hey Holly!
    I think we all need this advice! As you know I don’t have the genes to worry about my weight, but I thank that addded to my desire to control my eating! Eating too much of ‘bad stuff’ like you say influences more than just weight gain!
    Thanks for the reminder!
    Linda G. Cox recently posted..iWowWe ~History In The Making~My Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      You are welcome Linda!! Just remember that if you eat those sweets no matter who you are the blood vessel walls still get abused if the sugar spikes too much. Something we can’t see or feel. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Holly!
    You have brought home a point of major concern over the holiday period. Many are not bothered about it. But, I have seen that whenever I do not follow my diet during some days, I tend to gain more weight. I fear that I may end up eating lot of pastries and I pray God to send a healthier yet tastier alternative. When I miss my exercise I really get upset but ensure that I take a walk atleast for 15 minutes a day.
    Steve recently posted..The Root and Solutions of Commitment PhobiaMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Hi Steve,
      You have some great plans… So stick to them… I can only suggest that if you are going to eat those sweets you add some healthy protein or a healhty fat to go along that will help the sugar in the blood not to spike too quickly. That is the problem. You can read in my next post.

  3. Hi Holly:

    These are great tips! Having a plan is definitely important. A few years ago I went on a 5 day cruise and I was determined not to gain weight so I came up with a plan. I stayed away from the buffet. I took the stairs instead of the elevator. I took time to walk around the track every day. Long story short my plan worked. :)

    Kevin Martineau recently posted..Get God’s take on your interruptionsMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      3 cheers for you Kevin… Amazing how it works and how good we feel when we do what we said we would!! Great effort… How goes it these days?

  4. Hi Holly,
    Thanks for sharing these great tips! During this time of the year when things are so hectic I try to take time to breath, meditate, and walk everyday. This really helps me to stay calm and keeps me doing moderate exercise that I can fit easily into my day. After the holidays I include more intense exercise into my day. I also bulk up on cultured foods and eat healthy plant foods before I go out to events so I won’t be tempted to over indulge in foods that don’t promote radiant health.
    Shelley Alexander recently posted..Cultured Apple Goji Berry CompoteMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      That is so good that you have found these things that work for you. I only wish that more of us had the knowledge and discipline that you have. I hear all to often how busy people are and it doesn’t even cross people’s minds to do things like this.. There are so many things that we can add into our lives to make it healthier! Thanks for your share, Shelley!

  5. Nile

    I love the holidays and food, but probably not as much as I did as when I was little. I hate feeling over full and normally just eat a normal portion, rather than overboard. Right now I am about to start putting in more exercise other than my twice a week karate practice, so I hope it turns out well.

    I know about 5 years ago, I would have loved to read these tips, but now, I can at least pass the info around. :D
    Nile recently posted..How To Determine What Your Site Visitors Are Looking ForMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      It is amazing what a little experience can do for us!! You paid your dues, Nile! Portion control is important even if we choose to indulge in that which isn’t the healthiest of choices. So eating normal portions as you mention and exercising are 2 great things to work with. The best of luck for you Nile!

  6. I guess I’m running a little behind all of you in the race to health and fitness. I’m doing well when I stay away from grains and sugar, and use the treadmill!

    I’m doing well, though. Along with my health shakes and cookies, I have lost 24 lbs. in the past few months. I’ve a long way to go yet, but I’m on the right track!

    Willena Flewelling
    Willena Flewelling recently posted..Remembering James G FlewellingMy Profile

    • Holly Fulford-Jeffrey says:

      Congratulations on the 24 pounds!! Stick with the exercise and avoiding the grains and sugar and you will keep reaping the benefits.. Make it through this holiday without weight gain and you will be a step ahead of the rest!! Thanks for sharing, Willena.

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