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Bet You Have Never Had a Light Bulb Moment!

Glaring Light bulb Moment? Ever had one!! I had a chat with the most amazing lady the other day. What was so amazing was that she really didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already , know but, I couldn’t believe … Continue reading

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5 Self Doubt Eliminators

So you have some self doubt about you!  You’re normal!  Sorry.  Not really much unique about having self doubt, but it is unique to you and can feel pretty gut wrenching awful sometimes!  Yup!  And the only way to get … Continue reading

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Working out with a headset

Why is it that people are working out with a headset?  Do you work out with a headset and your own music going on?   I can’t. My mind is into it I have tried to walk with music going or … Continue reading

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Judgments Can Change How You Make a Decision

Does being judgmental have anything to do with success?  How does one decide on whether to make a decision or not without bringing previous experience to manage or mismanage the decision made? We often believe we are being objective, but … Continue reading

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Self Doubt Interferes with Making Decisions and More

Self Doubt interferes with making a decision, keeping a decision and letting all kinds of other stuff creep into your head.  Self doubt which you may not even recognize can interfere with just about anything you do.  It can distract … Continue reading

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Network Marketing Doesn’t Work

Network Marketing isn’t for everyone.  But it is possible for everyone to do… “It” works, but many people don’t agree.  What do you think? The top five complaints I have heard in the industry…. They might be the same for … Continue reading

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Failure Rates in Network Marketing

What is failure?  To me the only way you fail is if you quit..  That means you don’t talk to anyone , you don’t prospect or invite, you do nothing with the business. You’ve seen the failure rates in Network … Continue reading

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Techniques to Control Your Mind

What techniques do you use to control you mind?  Do you make an effort to control your thoughts?  All the time or when it is convenient?  Do you have control of your thoughts or are you letting it control you. … Continue reading

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Learn From Where You Are At Not Where You Should Be

Have you ever tried to do something and what you did, just didn’t turn out the way it “should” have? Have you tried to do a Pilates or a Yoga move and not been able to do it like the … Continue reading

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Seven Sure Fired Ways You Live to Die Prematurely

Did anyone ever ask for heart disease, cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer’s? Do you know anyone who is charging ahead in life asking for an illness?  Not likely! This is a pet peeve of mine and I have to share it … Continue reading

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